Sign This: Making Sheldon’s S’mores Biscotti Signature Bake

I was hoping to take this weekend off from baking as I wanted to get some chores done but then I noticed that I had all of the ingredients in my pantry for Sheldon’s S’mores Biscotti, which was one-half of his Signature Bake for “Italian Week” during season 4 of The Great Canadian Baking Show. Note: I actually used regular honey versus wildflower honey as that was what I had on hand.

I’ve biscottis before or a version called cantucci a long time ago. It was a double chocolate almond cantucci. Both are bakes known for being twice baked.

For Sheldon’s s’mores, it was easy to make. But I did feel that I used way too many dishes to make this. It involved one bowl for the dry ingredients then another bowl for the wet. I also used a hand mixer to mix the dough. I used one baking sheet for the first bake but you actually need another one to bake the biscottis again once you cut them into 12 separate pieces.

You can see the end piece has split in half

Another thing that happened to me was while I was cutting them into 12 biscottis, two of them split in half. I was reading online that the biscottis needed to be a bit cooler. If I had waited a bit longer then it wouldn’t have split in half.

After the biscottis came out of the oven, I went for a walk as I let them cool. Once I got back home, I started making the marshmallow creme that goes on top of the biscottis, which involved me using my stand mixer. So you can start to see that I had a lot of dished to do.

After I separated the egg whites, I had to wait for it to come to room temperature. I was left with four egg yolks and decided to make Claire Saffitz’s pastry cream (chocolate variation) from her Dessert Person cookbook. I just added another egg yolk and made a small egg white omelet with the whites.

Back to the marshmallow creme, my candy thermometer was a bit finicky and it wouldn’t move to 240 F so I figured it was okay went it stayed at 225 F for a bit. Also, I added the cream of tartar when the egg whites were at soft peaks when I should have added it at foamy stage.

After adding the sugar syrup to the egg whites, I whipped until I could touch the bowl of the mixer comfortably.

I piped the creme on the biscottis just like Sheldon did on the show. Had a bit of an issue as the creme oozed out of the top of my piping bag and landed in a big pile on top of two of the biscottis. I scooped the creme off and continued on.

I don’t have a kitchen torch to toast the marshmallow so I set my broiler at 400 F. I tested two of the end pieces to see if three minutes is the right time to get it toasted. Unfortunately, it was not as it burnt a bit. For the first baking tray, I reduced the time to two minutes and it was perfect.

The End Result: S’mores Biscotti

The second try, I also did for two minutes but started to notice with about 45 seconds left, the marshmallow cream started to burn so I pulled it out of the oven.

The end result? I think it tasted really delicious and not too sweet. As well, smelled fantastic as it was baking. The marshmallow creme added to the deliciousness.

The chocolate pastry cream went into cream puffs that I made. I also used the left over marshmallow creme to top the cream puffs.

And the cream puffs? Chef kisses

Chocolate Pastry Cream Cream Puffs with Craquelin and Toasted Marshmallow Creme


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