Getting Technical: Making The Great Canadian Baking Show’s Garden Dumplings

For “Botanical Week” the bakers were tasked to make garden dumplings during the technical. They had 1 hour and 45 minutes to make 16 two toned chicken dumplings. Taking a look at the recipe, I thought that I can easily do this in the time allotted. The reason being was that I’ve made home made dumplings before and I also know how to cook dumplings the way the show wanted you to.

As soon as I started my timer, things were humming along. I blanched the spinach and pureed it for the green dough and made that with no problem and the white dough too I breezed by. The logs were in the fridge while I was 30 minutes unto the challenge.

Even after chopping up all the vegetables for the dumplings (which took a bit of time) and making the filling, I had 45 minutes left so I think I started to slow things down a bit as I didn’t want to finish that early. However, what took quite a bit of time was rolling out the dough into 16 pieces. As I was rolling them, I noticed the first few didn’t have the green on the outside edge as they did on the show. I see realized that when I pre-formed the round shape, that I had to make sure that the white dough was showing in the middle. Even with that realization, a lot of my dumpling were more all green than the two toned effect that was supposed to happen. 

By the time I finished that and filled them with the filling, I had 5 minutes left. It took 6-7 minutes for the dumplings to cook so I knew I wasn’t going to finish on time. But at least this was the closest I got as I was cooking them with 2 minutes left. My only issue is that the bottom of the dumpling was a bit too crispy (i.e. I burnt the bottom) but they actually still tasted great and the dipping sauce was also delicious but a bit oily.

The finished product

Now the recipe that the show has on the website makes 32 dumplings. I made 16 as the bakers had to and once my time ran out, I made the other 16 and froze them to be cooked at a later date.

I re-watched the episode afterwards, I was glad to see that as I was making them, mine’s looked a lot like what the bakers made on the show. 

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